Everyone offers team building exercises. And so many companies fall for it. Kayaking, climbing, go-karting, etc.

Every company doing something active offers team building. Most of it is bullshit. But there are great team building opportunities. Ones that will really bring your team together and have a lasting impact.

There are two questions:

  1. should you really spend money on team building training?
  2. how to choose the right team building training?

Should you spend money on team building training?

You should not if you have any of the following challenges:

  1. delegating tasks is a challenge to you;
  2. employees make many mistakes;
  3. employees are not motivated;
  4. you spend many hours doing work someone else should have done.

Team building is for teams that are already functioning good. It helps turn good teams into great teams. If you don’t have the right employees or if your employees aren’t motivated, team building will not help. It will help for a month or two. But then it will turn back to the way it was before.

Well, what should I do if not team building?

First, learn to motivate your employees and attract great people to your business. If you run a small business with up to 30 employees, I can help you with that. Get in touch with me. For larger businesses – go talk to your HR people.

How to choose team building training?

Selling any active(or not) activity as team building is highly rewarding. Companies are willing to pay more. And they come with many people. It’s great business.

So team building trainings and activities are popping up all around the place.

I’m not gonna tell you how to choose the best one for your company. But I’ll tell you how to avoid the wrong ones. The ones that will bring team spirit up for a month or two. And that’s it. Then it goes away and nothing has changed.

Look at the main business and knowledge of the person leading the training/activity. Are they highly qualified and/or experienced at the activity(rafting, go-carting, whatever else) or team dynamics and development?

A good team building expert will have the right education, experience and/or results in the past rather than an entertainment business that just sells its services as team building.

Want to stop doing work someone else should have done?

Most probably, you are reading this because you are spending many hours doing work someone else should have done. If so, maybe you need team building. Or maybe you need to learn to motivate your employees better. Or to attract better employees. Or to delegate.

Send me an email to roberts@iliveasiwant.com about your situation and maybe I can help you. Or suggest someone else who can.