I had a clients who’s sales people weren’t delivering what was expected of them. They made a few calls here and there. But didn’t put too much effort in it.

I spoke to them and was shocked to find out how they motivated their sales team. But to be honest, I shouldn’t have been surprised. I have seen it in many companies.

Sales people had a fixed salary. And bonuses based on how much they sold. Fixed part was around 80% of their income.

Do I need to finish this post or is this already clear?

Hire sales people to work on commission. That’s it. No fixed salaries. Or very small ones. Don’t understand why? Read about 4 Quadrants of Motivation again.

If you offer fixed salary, you attract System oriented people who like stability. Most often they will not do more to earn more. Sometimes they ask to do less and receive less.

If you hire people to work on commission you attract Achievers. Achievers will do everything they can to make more money, be the best and climb the ladder.

Hire achievers for sales positions.