A week ago a client asked me how he could measure the satisfaction of his employees. In return I asked him a question that dumbfounded him. It changed his view on employees and business.

He runs a business with approx. 20 employees. All are highly qualified in their field. We are working on creating a motivational system that would work for everyone on the team. He wanted to use a test or some other tool to measure how happy they are.

First, let’s bust the test myth

It comes from large companies. If you have 1000 employees, there is no way you can see how happy they are just by looking at them. That’s why they use tests.

In a smaller business you should use methods that are not scalable. If you want to know something – just talk to people.

This principle has proven itself in the way Airbnb started. They didn’t create a scalable product. Instead they went door to door and spoke to real people – asked whether they would like to rent out their place.

Do the same with your employees.

“What are you going to do when you measure the satisfaction?”

He looked confused when I asked the question.

We have been talking about “4 Quadrants Of Motivation“, the tool I use to understand and motivate people. It helps you understand why some employees are happy while other refuse to take any responsibility.

His answer was “I will create a better system to motivate them”.

If you are creating your first motivational system, just go and do it. Do not measure anything. It doesn’t matter.

First – create system, measure later.

  1. create the system;
  2. measure how people react to it;
  3. adjust the system.

There are things that make a difference. And there are things that take up your time.

Measuring employee satisfaction using tests will take you days or weeks.

Creating a first draft for a motivational system will take you an hour or two.

Go ahead – read my free ebook “4 Quadrants Of Motivation” and create your first motivational system now!