We Set Our Goals Based On How We View The World

We want a successful business in which we work a few days a week. Rest of the time we want to spend in our house outside of city center with our perfect family. Travel to exotic places. Help to end all wars. Became vegan. We want to have 6-pack abs, perfect breasts and flawless skin. We want the “happily forever after”.

Instead We Live A Completely Different Life

And a part of us is unhappy about it. No – the point of his blog post is not to make you feel miserable. Quite the opposite. If you look at the world as it is, you can get that 6-pack or 4-hour work-day you’ve always wanted.

Well, Guess What? Life Sucks

  • Business owners often work 12-hour workdays;
  • and we do shit we don’t want to do;
  • most businesses fail. If you run a business, you know most of your ideas and projects have failed. Failed so hard, no one even noticed you tried them;
  • most of us don’t live in perfect houses outside city center;
  • divorce rate in the USA is 38%. Not much better in any other country;
  • we don’t travel as much as we want because who has time and money for that?
  • wars? Well we’re actually really good with this one. There are almost no wars compared to ANY time in the history of Homo Sapiens;
  • most of the modern world is obese. If you look at people after 40, there are two options. They are either in really good shape or really bad. With some exceptions. People have to make a choice at around 25. Am I going to work on my health for the rest of my life? Or am I going to turn into a slob?

Happily Forever After Is What We Believe In

Hollywood and modern thinking shows us “Happily forever after”. And that’s the reality we base our expectations and goals on.

But it is not a short term goal. Heck, it might not even be realistic.

Statistics And Science Show Us Realities Of The World

Read books like “Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind” to understand where we are in business, politics, ecology, even family relationships. Read “Sperm Wars” if you want to know the ugly truths about relationships and sexuality – from cheating to homosexuality to rape.

Why Am I Talking About This?

You know I don’t like spiritual talk or philosophy without any practical application to life.

We set our goals based on unrealistic expectations(that contradict science) and without understanding how to world really thinks and works(science, history, statistics). We end up with unreachable goals that sound nice but are not practical.

They are so unpractical we don’t even understand how to take the first step. This distortion of reality if the reason we fail to reach our goals. That’s how we end up in a world with unhappy people talking anti-depressants, drinking too much and smoking too much weed.

So, The Takeaways Are:

  1. keep shooting for the start and setting huge goals;
  2. when setting goals and starting new projects, always ask – how can I do this in the REAL world I live in, knowing my strengths and weaknesses;
  3. stop reading books you can buy in your regular book store. Read more quality books. I suggest starting with “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari, “The 4-Hour Workweek”(or anything else from Tim Ferriss).

What are your thought on this? I would love to hear some feedback.

Image: “Seven Years Bad Luck” by Tim Sheerman-ChaseCC BY 2.0.