What to expect

Proven methods to stop doing work your employees should have done.


Finding the perfect employee

Field tested methods for finding employees who will actually get things done.

Without you micromanaging.

Motivating your team

Methods I have used to create motivational systems for my clients.

Tested in different businesses – tech companies, accounting agencies, marketing agencies, logging companies and others.

Tested on different personalities – warehouse workers, graphic designers, web developers, sales people and others.

Key habits

When working with clients, very often sooner or later we have to work on their habits to actually change their business.

Expect to get an occasional e-mail or an article about this.


My clients

GIGI bloks

Produces ultimate building blocks for children to build their own house


Ridesharing app that operates in 18 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Forma 2

Construction supervision company operating in Latvia and Georgia

Doma Hostel

Family owned hostel


The leading cryotherapy center in Latvia

Baltijas fizioterapija

One of the country’s leading physiotherapy clinics


Drop Shipping Print on Demand for Ecommerce


High Quality Steel Design Stairs

Ziemeļlatvijas mežsaimnieks

Forestry company

Roberts Staltmanis

About Roberts Staltmanis

I Live As I Want was founded by me, Roberts Staltmanis. I help small business owners(up to 30 employees) find and motivate the perfect employees so they wouldn’t have to do everything on their own.

When I started working with small business owners I understood 2 things:

  • they like working their hours;
  • they don’t like what they’re doing during these hours;

Small business owners spend large part of their day doing things that their employees

  • didn’t know how to do;
  • forgot to do;
  • didn’t have time to do.

They’re also spending time on keeping people motivated and engaged.

Small business owners have enough on their plate. They don’t have time to learn what motivates people.

That’s where I come in.

They don’t have to learn everything. They simply have to understand the key things and how to easily apply them to their business. I spend my time working 1-on-1 and creating courses to help small business owners create simple and effective motivational systems.

More specifically:

  • I use Spiral Dynamics – researched method that has been tested everywhere from small businesses to solving political conflicts;
  • I use market research methods. But instead of researching potential markets I research the best employees in the field. That way we understand how to attract and motivate them.
  • I’m an Erickson Coaching International certified coach. I use their methods to help you find the best ways to apply your newly created motivational system to your business. Each business is different and needs a unique approach.

You’re spending your day thinking how to make your business better.

I’m spending my day thinking how to help small business owners create simple and effective motivational systems so they could focus on new challenges, projects and businesses.