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Stop doing work your employees should have done!

I help small business owners find and motivate the perfect employees so they wouldn’t have to do everything on their own.

The articles and tools I create will help you spend more time on the important things, tasks you know better than anyone else and that were the reason you started your own business.

Learn to motivate your employees!

In my free mini e-book I show you how to understand and motivate your employees.
I go over the mistakes I’ve seen my clients make.
And my “4 Quadrants Of Motivation” model shows you how to easily make your employees take more responsibility.

Aigaram apnika viņa darbs. Un viņš pārvērta savu hobiju biznesā

Dažus mēnešus atpakaļ es piedāvāju bezmaksas konsultāciju 5 cilvēkiem, kuri ir norakušies darbos un kuriem nepietiek laika dzīvei. Es satiku Aigaru Meškovski, kurš strādāja loģistikā. Viņš strādāja tik daudz, ka laika, ko pavadīt ar sievu un veltīt saviem hobijiem un...

How to motivate your sales people to sell more

I had a clients who's sales people weren't delivering what was expected of them. They made a few calls here and there. But didn't put too much effort in it. I spoke to them and was shocked to find out how they motivated their sales team. But to be honest, I shouldn't...

Team building is stupid

Everyone offers team building exercises. And so many companies fall for it. Kayaking, climbing, go-karting, etc. Every company doing something active offers team building. Most of it is bullshit. But there are great team building opportunities. Ones that will really...

Distorted Reality: Why We Suck At Business, Life And Marriage

We Set Our Goals Based On How We View The World We want a successful business in which we work a few days a week. Rest of the time we want to spend in our house outside of city center with our perfect family. Travel to exotic places. Help to end all wars. Became...

How to measure employee satisfaction in a small business

A week ago a client asked me how he could measure the satisfaction of his employees. In return I asked him a question that dumbfounded him. It changed his view on employees and business. He runs a business with approx. 20 employees. All are highly qualified in their...

Should you give your employee a raise?

A client told me a story about a good employee who came in and asked for a raise. He had 200 euros added to his salary. The other 19 employees found out about it and asked for the same. There were no strict rules why one employee could get a raise and another could...